Codes is a puzzle-like installation that holds philosophical and spiritual questions. MMXV, a modular wall piece made for this exhibition space, anchored the installation. 

This work merges ancient and recent philosophies, mythologies, and iconography. I borrowed and recast abiding images with political, mystical and psychological dimensions, intertwining them with familiar contemporary symbols evoking the Digital Revolution, genetics, and the ongoing “war” on terror. Ouroboros (a snake eating its tail), calaveras (skeletal caricatures with roots in Latin American political satire), Tarot (a European card game adopted by occultists as a divinatory map), binary codes, genetic codes, military drones: these are all elements in an expanding visual alphabet I employ to articulate the collision of modern technological and military-industrial development with the immutable fact of our mortality, our spiritual longings, and our desire to see into the future and understand our past.