2016. Ink, acrylic media, paper, latex, wood, wall, 10x37 feet. Shown as installed at CSPS Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Ghost Prairie is a site-specific installation that spans thirty-seven feet. Inspired by conversations with an Iowa farmer, this kaleidoscopic composition envisions a once lost, now resurgent North American prairie replicating itself across an expanse of 100+ diamond-shaped ink paintings on wood. Each painting contains small clues about this new/old world, which come together to form a vision of landscape at once disarticulated and animated. Spectral grasses, modular cubes, flashes of native American birds in flight: together these phenomena constitute a speculative universe in which the prairie comes back. Viewed from certain angles, the glint of tiny colonial ships materialize like faint apparitions. What world are we in? Is it pre-colonial or futuristic, a memory or a future possibility? These questions were the engine for this project during the year I spent on its development.

GHOST STUDIES, 2015. Ink on paper, 22x15 inches each.

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This project was funded in part by the Iowa Arts Council.
Photos by Mark Tade.