Jen P. Harris invents morphological methods to construct paintings and installations. Influenced by object-oriented ontology, ecopoetics, Taoism, and aesthetic traditions ranging from non-objective painting to botanical illustration, she gives visual form to the experience of confronting uncertainty while living within a culture that insists upon the durability of existing structures. Harris has exhibited nationally and is the recipient of numerous awards, including a 2012 NYFA Fellowship in Painting. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Yale, an MFA in Painting from Queens College CUNY, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

We expect information to lead to understanding. But in the current technological age the proliferation of information, and the way it rapidly mixes with opinions, half-truths, and lies, also breeds confusion and fear. I am most drawn to Jen Harris’s work because I understand it to be elucidating this modern-day conundrum. It reminds me of what Chekov said to be the task of the artist, not to solve anything, but to offer “a correct presentation of the problem.” It is only through the most honest articulation of existence that the greater mystery has its own chance of being revealed.

— Jessica Lott, “The Power of the Puzzle,” exhibition catalog essay, 2015

photo credit: Joshua White, 2018